Long Rope Handles - Natural - an O bag Accessory long rope handles - natural - an O bag accessory
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(£16.67 ex vat)
Sale Price: £12.00
(10.00 ex vat)
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Mary-Sol Cinnamon Mary-Sol Cinnamon
Price: £260.00
(£216.67 ex vat)
Sale Price: £130.00
(108.33 ex vat)
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Mary-Jane Coral Mary-Jane Coral
Price: £349.00
(£290.83 ex vat)
Sale Price: £174.50
(145.42 ex vat)
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Short Real Leather Handles - Brown - an O bag Accessory short real leather handles - brown - an O bag accessory
Price: £32.00
(£26.67 ex vat)
Sale Price: £15.00
(12.50 ex vat)
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Short Rope Handles - Black - an O Bag Accessory short rope handles - black - an O bag accessory
Price: £16.00
(£13.33 ex vat)
Sale Price: £10.00
(8.33 ex vat)
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Mary-Anne Sunny Mary-Anne Sunny
Price: £400.00
(£333.33 ex vat)
Sale Price: £200.00
(166.67 ex vat)
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About Our bag

Our Bag is a fashion retailer selling Italian bags, fashion and accessories.

We now have the very latest season YNot? fashion range consisting of bags, accessories, travel and coming soon clothing and shoes.

CHOOSE is a hot new brand entirely designed and made in Italy which, we are proud to represent here in the UK. Be the first to see the new range as it gets released.

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The site will not be replenishing the stock of O bag and will continue its clearance program of existing stock while launching new brands later this year. This is a great opportunity for a bargain so please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements.

We still have a limited range of O bag accessories and O clock watches at bargain prices.

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Established in 2003, Italian accessories label YNot? puts a modern spin on traditional craft and materials, combining them with modern style, construction and a playful sense of humour.

Confidence is key they say and we see YNot? as a way of life rather than just a brand. The stylised contraction of the expression 'why not?', typifies the attitude to life of fans' of YNot? bags and fashion accessories, who see it as an adventure in which you've got to try everything once.

At the same time a question and an answer, YNot? encapsulates the freedom that everyone should have to express themselves by going beyond their habits and comfort zones.

YNot? opened its first branded shop in Milan, at 3 Via San Raffaele in June 2016. Located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, the boutique’s design is inspired by the aesthetic philosophy of the brand.

You can find YNot? in over 800 shops across Europe.



CHOOSE is a brand entirely made in Italy, which focuses on the variety of fine materials and the versatility of the accessories. A classic but innovative design imbues every handbag with personality and style by combining colours, shapes and materials.

CHOOSE handbags are composed of two elements: the first is the permanent component that characterises them while the second keeps changing according to the taste, the situation and the mood of the wearer, making every handbag unique. Easy to assemble and disassemble, they allow you to own many bags in one, from a tote for the city to the office appropriate bag, from weekend and beach bags to a countryside accessory. This is the brand’s philosophy which will be at the basis of every CHOOSE accessory.

The art of changing without losing yourself; this is the aim of CHOOSE, a young and witty brand for a dynamic and sophisticated feminine reality that wants you to say something about yourself and express your own personality with a chameleonic handbag; functional and elegant in any situation. Style, design and colours merge together to give rise to a brand that satisfies any need to choose and change without renouncing elegance and quality of the accessories or details.

Watch this space for launch information or alternatively be one of the first to know by registering your interest via our contact form.

O bag

O bag is a customisable Italian handbag and shoulder bag collection.

With the current sale you will find a limited number of accessories for that collection at bargain prices.