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O clock watches are now available in classic and great sizes. Great watches have slightly bigger dials and have their own range of straps to accommodate them. O clock is the ultimate colour-coordinating unisex watch with a wide variety of vibrant designs and colours.

You can mix and match thousands of beautifully stylish, understated or crazy colour combinations to make your O clock watch personal and exclusive. We sell the complete range of O clock watches, O chive pocket watches and O click necklace watches with global shipping.

Buy and collect dials and straps separately or buy an O clock watch complete and increase your style options with additional watch dials and straps.

Whatever your outfit, style or mood on the day, you can create a unique co-ordinated look, a striking fashion statement or a crazy colour combo. Match our colourful watches with our bracelets and bags in numerous colours to complete your look.

O clock watches feature extremely comfortable stretch-silicone straps and easy-to-read analogue dials. The dials are splash/rain-proof only, not waterproof.

All our watches have reliable quartz Citizen movements and changeable standard batteries.

See our PRODUCT GUIDE for sizes.