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The O bag mini is the O bag classic's smaller sibling but that doesn't mean it doesn't have the same versatility and style. Bigger isn’t always better (we’re still looking for a source for this one) and the O bag mini best suits our short handles in real leather, faux leather and rope to keep everything in proportion.

Like all O bags, the mini’s shell is moulded using EVA polymer (ethylene vinyl acetate) making it warm, soft, tactile, waterproof, lightweight and durable. The O bag mini comes with its own range of accessories and inserts for added functionality, privacy and security, and decorative trims in a wide range of colours and materials.

Bodies, handles and accessories are all available separately - so you could buy a few of each and mix and match depending on your needs or your outfit.

O bag mini dimensions: max height 29cm(11.4"), width 34cm(13.4"), breadth  12cm(4.7”)

Take a look at our Guide for O bag mini information and fitting instructions.

O bag mini size comparison