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How to fit O bag handles and accessories

o bag handle fitting photos

O bag handles are attached to bag bodies by a simple screw and cap mechanism. Inner bags and trims are also held in place by the caps.

Fitting handles and inserts

  1. Unscrew the end caps from the handles.
  2. Pass the screw ends through the holes in the body and through the holes of any inner bag you also wish to attach.
  3. Then tightly screw the caps back on the ends of the handles.

Fitting bag trims

  1. Unscrew the end caps from the handles and remove the handles from the body (if already fitted).
  2. Fit the trim neatly around the bag opening so that the four holes in the trim align both inside and outside the bag body (see video opposite for guidance).
  3. Pass the screw ends through the holes in the body and all the way through the holes of the trim.
  4. Then tightly screw the caps back on the ends of the handle.

Video Credits: O bag Polska

O bag care and cleaning guide

  • O bag bodies are waterproof and can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. DO NOT put in a washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Handles should be cleaned according to their material. Faux leather handles can be wiped with soapy water and leather handles with leather cleaners. Do not use abrasive cleaning fluids.
  • Do not fully immerse inner bags or trims in water or other liquid as that may cause irreversible shrinkage, distortion or colour changes.
  • To avoid warping - do not leave your O bag out in the sun or exposed to high temperatures for any extended period of time.
  • Bags, bag bodies, handles and bag accessories are NOT covered under Our Warranty Policy for: General wear and tear or misuse of any part; defects or damage caused by the user; undue exposure to sunlight, heat, water or pressure; incorrect maintenance E.G. damage from inappropriate cleaning methods and actions that result in shrinkage or staining. SEE OUR WARRANTY POLICY.

How to swap watch dials and straps, and change batteries

o clock watch fitting instructions
  1. To extract a watch dial, press your thumb or finger inside the strap under the center of the dial.
  2. Push harder near the underside opposite the winding wheel.
  3. Once the dial is loose, simply pull it out.
  4. To replace a dial, first insert the winding wheel into the small hole, gently push the rest of the watch dial into the aperture, then neaten all around the edge of the silicone.

How to change batteries

  1. O clock watches use an SR626SW battery which should be readily available in most supermarkets, watch shops or hardware stores.
  2. Remove the watch dial from the strap and look at its underside.
  3. You will see that the back of the dial is covered with a stainless steel cover; somewhere on the edge of the cover you should notice a small lip.
  4. Carefully, using a very small screwdriver lever the metal cover off the back of the dial. There will be a rubber seal that sits between the watch dial and the cover; do not lose this as the cover will not click back on correctly without it in position.
  5. Simply take the battery out and replace it with a new one. Ensure that you dispose of the old battery in the correct ecological manner.
  6. Make sure the the rubber seal is correctly located on the inside of the stainless steel cover and push the cover gently back on. You will hear it click when it has been successfully reattached.

Changing the battery of an O chive pocket watch

Changing the battery of an O CHIVE

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